Wednesday, 16 November 2011

plezz dont leave me?????!!!!

plezzz dont leave me...ryn syg awk sngt sngt.emmm...ryn thu ryn sellu mjuk nan awk..emmm ryn sellu wat awk sket aty tpi x trlintas dlm fikirn ryn yg awk akn tnggl kn ryn...plezz dont leave me alone i want u beside me..u always in my heart.. i don't care people say u not handsome..but give me u perfect in my eyes and in my heart..i want u always with me..i know u cant love me again but plezz dont leave me..i need u baby..plezz..everytime iwas crying becoz of u...i alwys think about u..i want u back..i need u..emmm..i love u forever n ever..and i wish u be good...i dont want u sick..i will take care about u..i will do anything for u honey..i do this becoz i love u i dont want anything happen at u..

bubye..salam..i love u so much..muahhhh

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